You can submit phishing sites, C&C domains and email addresses here. After verification, we will add them to the appropriate list.

When you submit a phishing site, you need to provide the following informations:
  • URL of the phishing page.
  • The target. So for example if the phishing page is a replica of XY Bank's website, the target is XY Bank.
  • (Keep in mind: If a phishing page you submitted got removed before we could see it, we will not accept the submission.)

    When you submit a C&C domain, you need to provide the following informations:
  • URL of the C&C server.
  • The Type of the malware.
  • Hash of a malware sample in connection with the C&C (SHA256 preferred, but SHA1 and MD5 also accepted) or/and a download link of the malware sample.

  • When you submit an email address, you need to provide the following informations:
  • The email address.
  • The reason of your submission. We only accept email submission with a good reason what we can verify.
    Please submit malware related emails only!

  • Also you can tell us your (nick)name also if you want to see it on the details page of your submitted phishing site, C&C domain or email address.

    Thank you!
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